The best doctor predicts all sauces. People 18 years of age and older can receive the 1st Govt vaccine in mid-May

By mid-May, Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer predicted that all residents of the province, aged 18 and over, would have access to their first dose of the Govit-19 vaccine.

Dr. Zakib Shahab made the prediction on Wednesday during the Saskatchewan government’s latest COVID-19 press conference.

“By mid-April, we predict that 50 and more people will be vaccinated across Saskatchewan,” Shahab said, adding that those living in the north of the province are already eligible for the vaccine.

“At the end of April, 40 and over,” Shahab described the deadline for age-based vaccinations. “In early May, people 30 and over. By mid-May, all adults 18 and older will have access to those vaccines.”

If those criteria are met, they will advance Saskatchewan beyond its vaccination target. There are officers Said before Their preference for seeing all adults is to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of June.

Meanwhile, the health minister says people should follow the rules

Meanwhile, Health Minister Paul Merriman said anyone who has not yet been vaccinated should follow all public health rules enacted to prevent the spread of Govt-19.

“The vaccine is the ultimate goal,” Merriman said. “When we get that vaccine and everyone who wants to get vaccinated gets two shots, [it’s about] Adherence to public health measures. “

While acknowledging that COVID-19 strains have hit Regina hard in recent weeks, Merriman said the number of infections in the region has begun to decline. There were 74 new COVID-19 cases reported in the Regina area on Wednesday, up from 98 a week earlier.

Public health orders were again extended

Saskatchewan is extending the term of its current COVID-19 public health mandate by another two weeks. These rules will now be in effect until at least April 26th.

“By then we’ll have vaccinated a lot of people,” Merriman said. “Also, I hope we can start to see some of those restrictions relaxed, but more to say very soon.”

Extension includes Recently tightened rules in Regina.

No new activities have been announced.

Saskatchewan health officials on Wednesday reported 189 new Covit-19 cases based on 3,122 tests

A sign promotes physical distance at the Saskatoon Govt-19 Vaccine Clinic in Fryland Park. (Guy Queenville / CBC)

Two more deaths were reported: one in his 30s in the North Central region and one in his 80s or more in the Regina area, which continues to lead the province on COVID-19 types.

Shahab noted that from January to March, the rate of COVID-19 cases was highest among young people under the age of 19 from zero and is currently at the forefront of all ages affected.

Regional breakdown of known COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan until April 7, 2021. (CBC Graphics)

Although the B117 variant that originated in the UK is linked to hospitalization of younger affected patients, those affected by the elderly and hospitalized are more likely to vary, Shahab said.

He said overall COVID-19-related deaths in the first three months of 2021 were still high in overweight people aged 50 and over.

As of Tuesday, 2,830 different cases had been identified by screening in the following areas: Far Northwest (two), Northeast (four), Northwest (six), North Central (19), Saskatoon (178), Middle West (12), Middle East ( 60), Regina (1,986), Southwest (14), South Central (245) and Southeast (232). Residence Area 72 cases are pending.

(Government of Saskatchewan)

Regina also presented 19 of the 41 new outbreaks announced by health officials in the first six days of April.

The province’s seven-day average COVID-19 cases were 226, with 18.4 cases per 100,000 people.

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