October 1, 2023

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The day elite Ukrainian soldiers planted the flag in Crimea

The day elite Ukrainian soldiers planted the flag in Crimea

Lt. Col. “Timur” and the elite soldiers of his division will probably one day enter the history of Ukraine, the first fighters who installed plants for the first time in almost ten years, on August 24, the country’s Independence Day. Ukrainian flag on the soil of Crimea. Commemoration of their feat in arms, a military action “Code is very important”Timur believes that this depends on whether the territory is recaptured or not.

Crimea, the first part of Ukraine to be annexed by Russia in 2014, is a symbol of Ukrainian desire to return to the borders of 1991, the year of the country’s independence. “It all started in Crimea and it will end in Crimea”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky won’t repeat himself to his foreign interlocutors.

While the covert operations of Ukraine’s General Directorate of Military Intelligence (GUR) are generally not officially confirmed, Kiev revealed on Independence Day that a special unit had carried out a daring operation in Crimea. “Our troops have landed on the peninsula [criméenne], In collaboration with Navy »Andriy Yusov, representative of GUR, announced.

Doing “war intelligence”.

Gen. Kyrillo Budanov, head of military intelligence, said on television hours later that “The importance of the special operation in Crimea is that our people remember that victory, liberation and a return to normal life are not far away”. kyiv thus exceptionally confirmed the existence and success of a covert operation, since one of its objectives was to strengthen the morale of Ukrainians.

At an undisclosed location in Kyiv, four GUR officers were authorized to discuss the film “Prodoudjenia sili” (“Awakening of the Army”). Star Wars), operational details are not disclosed. Lt.-Colonel “Timur”, his name de Guerre, who headed the operation, Lt. “Ivanov”, a specialist in penetrating enemy territory, Col. “X” and Lt. “Y” all took part in the mission and congratulated them. Medals awarded by their compatriots and the Ukrainian President.

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Four officers serve in one of the GUR’s largest special forces battalions, which they call themselves the “Timur Group”, after its leader. Their primary task is to do “Combat Intelligence”All that is permitted must be said “Prepare Advance of Armed Forces”. This group conducts front line, offensive or diversionary operations and deep into enemy territory. “Destroy the Command Posts of the Russian Army”, “Remove Russian officials involved in attacks against Ukrainian citizens”And “Perform other tasks that we do not have the right to specify”Refers to Timur.

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