The Jets face another initial outburst if the bleeding cannot be stopped

Winnipeg – Paul Morris did not look or sound like the guy who was to be handed a pink card.

The head coach of the Winnipeg Jets has been around the game for a long time, dealing with questions about his job security during a seven-game defeat on Monday after a 2-1 defeat to the Ottawa Senators.

He did not exaggerate, did not leave.

Maurice silently looked at the camera and made it clear that his energy was focused on the most important things.

“I’m not worried about this at all,” said Maurice, who is the second longest-serving head coach at the NHL after John Cooper of Tampa Bay Lightning. “It simply came to our notice then. The set of situations you are in, it will not affect you. This is a difficult situation. But no problem with heat. I do this every day. I am here every day. I know what’s going on. We are trying to fix it. The guys played hard. They play hard, they compete, they stick together. This is the only way. That is the right path. So I’m not going to spend a minute worrying about it. ”

Morris was also asked if he felt the noise level around his team’s decline was justified.

“I am not complaining about any of the questions you ask. We’ve lost seven in a row, and that’s a fact, ”said Maurice, whose club dropped 27-21-3 this season and will close part of Wednesday’s schedule schedule against the Flames. “What we’re talking about here is that it shouldn’t be the story in the room, you can just shake your head and come out and fight your way out.

“There are fans who love this team, but if you lose seven in a row, they’s not going to be very happy with it. Why would you be. I can tell you that no one here is happy about this.”

By attracting attention from all Canadian divisions, Maurice joked this season that there could be somewhere between two and five trials in the North.

At this point, the Montreal Canadians replaced Claude Julian with Dom Ducharme and removed Flames Geoff Ward to bring back the torch in Torrell.

With five games left in the regular season, the Jets are now third with the Canadians, not in the fall to be included in the Maurice list.

However, this late season for the Jets has brought an unexpected turn to snooze activities and is a reminder of what happened late in the 2018-19 campaign.

When such a loss slip occurs, all aspects of a company generally receive a thorough review.

That’s why exit meetings – even if they’ve switched to a zoom world in the midst of an epidemic – are held.

Questions are asked, answers are given and evaluations are made based on the combination and ice results of those exchanges.

Those discussions will take place whenever this season ends.

Meanwhile, it is up to Maurice and his coaching staff to come up with possible solutions to the problems this team faces, and it is up to the Jets to act more.

That load must be shared, otherwise the Jets go to the third initial outing in a row.

Speaking of questions, the Jets’ big question now is how are they trying to stop the bleeding?

“It’s not going to be easy,” said Jets substitute captain Josh Morrissey. “In this league you make a really bad effort and get a win for whatever reason, and then you do the right things and play hard and there are nights when you don’t know how to buy one. But it’s the NHL – it’s an unforgivable league.”

Following the skate on Monday morning, Maurice used humor to try to catch what his team was currently up to.

“We hit a tough spot on three machines: 5-in-5, Penalty Kill and Power Play,” Maurice said.

That is not exactly the winning formula.

Maurice knows it’s a scary time of the season for crime to dry up, power to play, and a penalty to trigger a leak.

On Monday night, the Jets’ solo note came from Morrissey in a four-on-four situation, which was the defenseman’s game-high ninth shot goal.

The high-octane offense was re-checked, limited to a total of 10 goals in the last seven games.

The Jets Powerplay finished zero for six, dropping a shorthand marker, and the penalty kill seemed to go one step further, three-for-three.

With less than two minutes to go to control, Jets defender Logan Stanley was unable to get out of the defensive zone, setting up a chaotic series of events, with Nikita Jaitsev slapping Laurent Brozoid with 77 seconds left on the clock.

Allowing another late goal was a severe blow to the Jets, who did not record a single point during these games, marking the longest glide since being transferred from Atlanta in 2011.

When a series of failures lasts this long, a team goes through a variety of emotions, and the Jets are no different in this regard.

“I’m proud of the way they handled it. I mean, no one wanted it, but they did the right thing,” said Maurice. “So we’m not knocking on doors. It’s not … they don’t care enough. We have already passed the stage where everyone is barking. Now we make sure we do this together and try to be as supportive as we can. ”

Jets captain Blake Wheeler tried to set the tone as he spoke to reporters, reinforcing the need to focus on the process, no matter how difficult it may be at this challenging time.

“Right now it’s going to be us. (Senators) had equal chances of gaining strength in all games (Jets) lose the game, it’s hard to describe,” Wheeler said. “It seems we have to be right to win a game. It is important to note that our crew drowned out the noise right now, looked at the picture and said that the only thing missing was the result. ”

The aforementioned noise has a reason to grow louder.

Two weeks ago, the Toronto saw the Jets locked up in a battle for first place with maple leaves.

Right now, they are running out of time to get back on track, and are engaged in a fair battle to avoid coming fourth in the North.

Before the playoffs come jets end up putting less things than solving some important issues in their joint game.

“Normally, even when you get your game right, you still face two more losses before you get back to the winning side,” Wheeler justified. “I think the last few games are better than the worst. We have to keep pushing. We have to stay with it, it’s not available to us, we can build some confidence here before the end of the regular season.”

The plan put forward by Wheeler makes a lot of sense, but the Jets runway is limited and the clock is definitely ticking.

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