December 3, 2023

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The loser could be done in Jets-Bills, and the winner will still have a tough road ahead

The loser could be done in Jets-Bills, and the winner will still have a tough road ahead

Today’s afternoon window includes what could be a very early playoff game.

Aircraft in invoices. New York 4-5. Buffalo is 5-5. It’s arguably a “must-have” win for both teams.

For the Jets, quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to talk about returning this season. He wants to play in mid-December. By mid-December, it may be time to think about next September.

As we previously explained, the latest possible date for Rodgers to return is Week 16 against the Chiefs, and the Jets would have to be 7-7 or 8-6 to make the potential reward worth the risk.

The sixth loss could come today. Five days from now, the Jets could be 4-7 after a Black Friday visit from the Dolphins. Then it’s the Falcons, Texans and Dolphins again before Week 15 against the Chiefs.

For the Bells, the Jenga Tower has been falling ever since they first laid eyes on London Bridge. Being swept by the Jets, losing another home game, and not getting a spark from the firing of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey could stick a thorn in the Bills, four days before Thanksgiving.

Recent quarterback injuries elsewhere in the conference have given the Bills some hope. The 6-3 Browns might falter without Deshaun Watson, and the 5-5 Bengals might do without Joe Burrow.

But that doesn’t change the upcoming billing schedule. Next week at Eagles. Then goodbye. Then to the presidents. Then the cowboys.

So 6-5 can easily become 6-8 by the end of week 15.

A loss today could result in 5-9.

minimum? Today’s loser in Jets-Bills is likely over. Perhaps today’s winner will simply be the one who delays the inevitable. As seemed possible when the schedule was released, only one team from the AFC East would have headed to the postseason.

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