The man orders apples from the supermarket and gets the iPhone instead. Here is what happened

The person shared a tweet describing the whole incident.

Written by Trisha Senkuptha

Posted on April 16, 2021 01:08 PM IST

Almost all of us engage in online shopping every time. There are also times when we receive items that are different from what we originally ordered. Something similar happened to this UK-based shop named Nick James, which is a surprising twist in his story, which has now caught people’s attention. James got an iPhone instead of the Apple bag he ordered.

James took to Twitter to describe the whole incident with pictures of the phone. The stock explains that this is not a mistake, and he received the phone as part of Tesco’s recent campaign to promote Tesco’s subsidiary Tesco Mobile.

“A big thank you to es desco & es descomobile this week. On Wednesday evening we took our clicks and went to collect the order, there was a little surprise – an Apple iPhone SE. Apparently we ordered apples and got roughly an Apple iPhone! It made my sons the week, ”he wrote.

Since being shared, his post has garnered many comments from the public. Some of them even got a response from the supermarket’s official Twitter handle.

What do you think about the incident?


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