The new Apple leak reveals the design shock of the iPhone 13

Apple makes many Significant design changes In front of its iPhone 13 models Previous 2021 release, But now we know what the range’s really new update is.

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A New video, The famous YouTuber Philip Coroy, has unveiled the all-Apple Apple, leaked iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro gate designs, which shows that Apple is introducing the newest new rear cameras in the lineup. In fact, Koroi describes them as “very strangely large” and “a massive increase in size.”

The images above and below illustrate this transition better, and Koroi also has specific measurements. “We have a 3.41mm extra lens on the iPhone 13 Pro Max [it is] Now 4.81mm wide, it resembles a rounded square than the 12 Pro Max. ”

This is a similar change to the dual cameras on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, which also confirms the new diagonal camera arrangement with the Coro. Leaked earlier this week. These changes mark the beginning of a new trend for supersized smartphone cameras following Xiaomi’s launch earlier this month Mi 11 Ultra.

Apart from this, Koroi also mentions another major design change in the iPhone 13 range: “These CADs confirm a small peak because they have a small earplug that sits on top.” Although the new Peak iPhone X is about 30% smaller than what was first seen, it is very welcome and (arguably) late.

Further nails from the core, the SIM card effort now includes a ‘confirmation’ that integrates with the logic board to save space, while the volume buttons and the disable switch “moved 2-3mm north” and. The new iPhone 13 models will be almost identical to their predecessors, but the old cases will not fit due to the change in camera size.

Previous leaks have revealed that Apple will have next-generation iPhones 120Hz promotion displays, Next gen 5G modems, Increased WiFi speed and range, A An improved version of MagSafe And substantially Advanced power efficiency, Their biggest new cameras will no doubt be the biggest talking point.

In conjunction with previously leaked improvements for image stabilization and a Awesome new portrait video mode The more optimistic iPhone 13 series tops the camera rankings. The good news is, we don’t have to Wait a long time to find out.


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