Toronto Blue Jazz puts Julian Merriweather closer with a slant in the 10 day IL

Dunedin, Fla. – Close to the Toronto Blue Zeus Julian Merriweather The 10-day injured list is placed in a left-leaning position.

In the eighth inning on Tuesday night the right-handed player felt an awkwardness on the left side of his abdomen on his final warm-up pitch. 7-3 wins On the New York Yankees.

Merryweather entered with two runners and two outs and threw two pitches Aaron Hicks Gary Sanchez after a pitch in the dirt before being marked in a settlement between the first and second bases. He did not return to ninth place.

Merryweather has two saves and has allowed a hit and a walk with seven strikeouts over 40 innings in four appearances. His fastball has reached 100.4 mph this season.

Further, Rose stripping His right forearm was scratched from his scheduled start on Wednesday against the Yankees due to tightness. He could not be relaxed before the game.

D.J.Jech Changed the stripping.

Game Tips: RHP David Phelps, Hit the lower back Clint FrasierThe 100.7-mile liner on Tuesday night has a daily bruised back. … RHP Anthony Castro bought his contract from an alternative site, and it will operate from Pulpin.

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