Vancouver Connex adds seven players to the COVID protocol list

The Vancouver Canucks season has been suspended as the COVID-19 eruption that struck the team has deteriorated from bad to worse.

The team added seven players to the league’s COVID protocol list on Saturday, bringing the total number of players to 14. Sources told ESPN that two coaches have been added to the list, tripled the total number of coaches in the protocol.

Seven players and one coach were already on the list, prompting the NHL to postpone the Knuckles Games until April 8, when the training facility did not open sooner than April 6.

According to sources, the addition to Conx’s latest protocol list may not work for a long time. The Vancouver area has recently become a site for the P1 Brazilian variant of the virus.

Canax is the second team with COVID issues based in Canada. The Montreal Canadians postponed four games to the end of March, but then returned to action. The NHL has now postponed 45 games due to COVID, although the first 37 postponements are all for US-based teams.

As for Vancouver, the issue started on Tuesday Adam Kaded Pulled out of practice following a positive test result, which was confirmed positive that evening. Travis Homonic Kadet joined the protocol list on Thursday. By Friday, Alex Adler, Braden Holdby, Quinn Hughes, Zach McQueen And Antoine Russell All were added to the list following further testing and contract tracking.

Cadett’s wife Michael tweeted on Thursday: “My husband is not in great condition, but I’m taking good care of him!”

Michael Kadet also tweeted: “A man gets sick with a virus we don’t know much about, and you get angry at him for not being able to watch a hockey game.”

Travis Boyd, Thatcher Demco, Jays Havriluk, Go Harvard, Tyler Motte, Tyler Myers, And Brandon Sutter Saturday added to the list.

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