November 29, 2023

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Volodymyr Zelensky announces that a strike in a village in the country’s east has left “more than 48 people dead.”

Volodymyr Zelensky announces that a strike in a village in the country’s east has left “more than 48 people dead.”

A strike at a grocery store in a village near the eastern Ukrainian city of Kubiansk “More than 48 dead”, announced Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, October 5. The strike struck Kroza village mentions the head of the cabinet of the Ukrainian president in Telegram for his role. Follow our live stream.

More than 26,000 Ukrainians have gone missing since the start of the conflict. Among them 11,000 civilians and about 15,000 military personnel”.Deputy Interior Minister Leonid Tymchenko announced on national television. This provisional estimate only concerns data from Ukrainians “Officially verified”Adds the minister’s spokesperson. “This number may increase further.” As the tests continue.

Volodymyr Zelensky in Spain for the European Leaders’ Summit. The President of Ukraine will attend The summit of the European political community brings together nearly 50 European leaders in Granada. “What is important for us, especially before winter, is to strengthen air defense, and the basis for new agreements with our partners is already there”It should be now “Confirmed and Implemented”Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in Telegram.

Russian city hit by cluster bombs. Roman Starovoit, the governor of Russia’s Kursk region, accused the Ukrainian army of dropping cluster bombs on the city of Rylsk on Thursday. “One woman injured by shrapnel, admitted to hospital”, the governor wrote in a telegram. The use of these US-supplied weapons is highly controversial, as they are alleged to cause many collateral civilian victims. According to several witnesses and independent organizations, Russia has condemned the use of these materials in Ukraine.

New Night Attacks. Ukraine’s military announced Thursday morning that it had shot down 24 of a total of 29 bomber drones launched by Russia. The Iranian-made Shahed-type aircraft were fired from eastern Crimea, a Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Moscow, before being shot down in southern and central Ukraine, the military said.

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US aid “concerns” Joe Biden. A political crisis in Washington could threaten US aid to Ukraine, Joe Biden has suggested for the first time. Even as the US Congress must vote on its annual budget, Republican elected officials oppose a new envelope funding Kyiv. “It worries me”The US President announced on Wednesday. “But I do know that the majority of elected officials in the House of Representatives and the Senate, in both parties, have said they support funding Ukraine.”, he added. He also promised “Keynote Speech” To come to this issue.

England blamed Russia Consider using sea mines to attack civilian ships in the Black Sea to prevent Ukrainian grain exports. Moscow “Certainly the public will want to avoid publicly sinking ships and falsely blaming Ukraine for any attack.”Completing the British Foreign Office.