Walmart employees trapped in freezer rescued after vehicle collision at Sanich Mall

Emergency crews were called Friday to Sanich’s Uptown Mall, where several workers were trapped in a vehicle crash at Walmart.

At 4:30 p.m., Sanich police said they were called to the scene after a vehicle passed through a concrete wall and inside Walmart at a park level.

A hole in the wall of a barricade smashed by a vehicle in the Uptown Mall of Sanich.

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The Sony Fire Department said workers were trapped in a commercial refrigerator after the vehicle crashed.

Firefighters described the scene as a “structural collapse” and said crews were working to stabilize the vehicle and stop the ceiling.

Building inspectors were also called to the site to assess the situation.

Firefighters said the driver of the vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Sanich police are investigating the collision and are urging people to avoid Uptown Boulevard and be prepared for traffic jams on Blanchet, Doubles, Sanich and Rwine roads.

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The truck collided in front of the Horseshoe Bay store

The truck collided in front of the Horseshoe Bay store

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