When can we start traveling abroad again?

Itching to travel again? You are not alone.

An Ottawa travel agency says people will be booking Caribbean and resort vacations early this September, and next year’s trips will be filled quickly.

“A lot of people are booking now because they got the first vaccine,” said Carolyn Bernari, head of Centrum Travel-CWT Holidays. “Everyone feels so comfortable taking that fall.”

Last month, Bernari said he had seen a huge improvement in overseas holiday bookings, especially in the fall and winter 2021. Cruise ships are in high demand for 2022, while Canadians are also planning domestic voyages.

“It’s related to the actual vaccine release, of course. People think they’ve going to be vaccinated by September, so they ‘re going to be safe to travel.”

  • Every day this week, the CBC asks a question in people’s minds as it carries out vaccination campaigns across Ottawa Canada. This is an area.

People in the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico mainly book packages, Bernari said. There is more reservation for boats and smaller resorts, and some couples book destination weddings.

“One of our agents is booking 10 vacations a day and he’s very busy,” Bernari said.

Once Isolated travel rules Bernari believes the change will further increase the need for travel.

But will the trip be safe?

Revat Dionanthan, an epidemiologist and associate professor at the University of Ottawa, said people do not anticipate large-scale retirement until they receive their second vaccine.

In Canada, there is a four-month gap between shots, meaning no travel until the fall.

“That’s the way it should be. But I don’t have much faith in policymakers in doing what needs to happen,” Dionanthan said. “So, I’m not going to be surprised if we start opening up the journey to those who only have one shot somehow.”

Even if the population is well vaccinated, there will still be risks from variants and new COVID-19 cases, Dionanthan said.

The vaccine must have a passport. I could not find a way around it.– Reivath Dionanthan, Epidemiologist

“The vaccine is not a bulletproof vest,” he said. “Just because you get vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t become a carrier and bring the infection back.”

Dionanthan said the trip to the United States would be “very strong” between September and October if both countries had lower numbers and higher vaccination rates.

“There has to be public health control and monitoring,” he said. “The vaccine must have a passport. I can’t find a way around it.”

A masked man crosses the Bir Hakim Bridge in Paris on April 1, 2021 with the Eiffel Tower in the background. U.S. tourists can be fully vaccinated in EU countries this summer. (Michael Euler / Abby)

Global travel will not be free until at least 2024, and hotspots will be able to get enough vaccines to alleviate their infections, Dionanthan said.

Americans can travel to the EU this summer

South of the border, USA – whose vaccine campaign Is far ahead of Canada – Talks with the EU about plans to create a genre International COVID-19 Passport Called the Digital Green Certification.

This means that US tourists who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can travel to EU countries this summer. According to The New York Times.

Health Minister Patti Hajdu told CBC Radio House Over the weekend his government accepts the “vaccine passport” and the option Bring a kind of certificate to allow vaccinated Canadians to travel internationally again.

EU officials on Monday proposed easing restrictions on entry into the 27-nation bloc as vaccination campaigns across the continent gain momentum. Under the scheme, entry will be provided to all those who are fully vaccinated with EU-approved footage.

Meanwhile, Doug Manuel, a senior scientist at The Ottawa Hospital, said it seems a bit too soon to even think about a trip into Canada.

“I’m from the East Coast. I do not plan to go back [this summer], “He said.” It was the second year of my life, I never went back … in the summer. “

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