September 27, 2022

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49 Ivorian soldiers accused of being “mercenaries” were charged and imprisoned

The process to secure the release of 49 Ivorian soldiers held in Bamako, Mali for more than a month has been announced as possible. “long” Ivorian government spokesman Amadou Coulibaly. Cote d’Ivoire believed it “Privilege Conversation” A belief “Happy Ending”, Mr. Coulibaly said on August 3, after the Council of Ministers. But several Malian judicial sources told Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Sunday, August 14. “49 Ivorian Soldiers [avaient] They were charged on Friday with an attempted attack on state security and held on bail. This information was confirmed by a close associate of the prosecutor.

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“Judicial report on file is in force”

Cote d’Ivoire ruled that its 49 players “unfair” He was arrested on July 10 at Bamako airport, accused by the ruling Malian army “Mercenaries” They are trying to destabilize their country. Abidjan denies that these soldiers were on mission for the UN as part of logistical support operations for the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). They again took over as National Support Elements (NSE) from other Ivorians deployed in Mali, according to Abidjan.

According to Bamagawa, these players don’t “No Mission Order, No Authorization” Upon their arrival in Mali on 10 July. The next day, they were charged by Malian authorities “Mercenaries” He came to Mali with “malicious intent” of “Break the dynamics of Mali’s reconstruction and security, as well as a return to constitutional order”.

On July 25, Minuzma was ratified “Activities” 49 Following a request for clarifications from the military junta on the situation of the Ivorian soldiers, a note on United Nations letterhead was sent to the Malian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, endorsed with the Malian government and consulted by the AFP.

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“Some measures appear not to have been followed and the mission is trying to better understand how these malfunctions could have occurred in order to prevent their recurrence in the future. Instead of Timbuktu (in the north), the Ivorian group of MINUSMA said that the Ivorian elements were deployed in Sénou (Bamako) to ensure security at the base of the German NSEs in the same area. Minusma mentions. »

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“Justice will continue its work”

Mali and Côte d’Ivoire turned to Togolese mediation to find a solution “quickly” to the crisis. Togo thus plays the role of mediator between Côte d’Ivoire and Mali, but the first talks in Lomé on July 28 failed to register any progress. According to a source close to the discussions initiated under Togo, “However, although discussions have progressed, they have stalled on some points, which may explain this judicial statement on file”. “Justice will continue its work, but negotiations will continue”She added.

The case underscores tensions between Mali and Cote d’Ivoire, which Bamako has accused of encouraging its West African partners to tighten sanctions against Malian soldiers who have staged two coups since 2020, with the sanctions finally lifted in early July.

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