December 3, 2023

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Britney Spears fans launch online attack on ‘DWTS’ co-star Jamie Lynn.

Britney Spears fans launch online attack on ‘DWTS’ co-star Jamie Lynn.


Britney Spears

Fans are pulling out Jamie Lynn’s ‘DWTS’ debut

…Shrek also hunts Flack

Britney Spears“Feud with her sister Jimmy Lynn She spills onto the Dancing With the Stars ballroom because Brit’s fans are on a rampage to take down GL… and her dance partner gets caught in the crossfire.

It’s an all-out social media war zone for Jamie Lynn and her professional dance partner, Alan BerstenHis only crime is being paired with the “Zoey 101” star.

Jamie Lynn made it first appearance On “DWTS” on Tuesday, she’s getting some pretty bad reviews… at least from Britney’s legion of fans.

People are demanding that Jamie Lynn be voted out ASAP, ripping her because she “has no class” and accusing her of abusing Britney and throwing her sister under the bus.

One user even says JL “looks like Ted Cruz with blonde hair.” Oh.

As for Alan… Britney’s fans say he has no chance of winning because he’s tied to Jamie Lynn, and some are hoping he intentionally ditches her dance. Oof!


Britney’s supporters are also wondering why “DWTS” chose Jamie Lynn in the first place… naturally, they’d rather see Britney showing off her dance moves.

Of course, “DWTS” producers would love to see Britney show up to support her sister, but, as it stands, there’s a better chance of a snowball fight in hell breaking out.

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Plus… yet Dancing with knivesBritney has much bigger issues to deal with now.

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