July 22, 2024

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French aid arrives in Terna, hit by Hurricane Daniel

French aid arrives in Terna, hit by Hurricane Daniel



Two flights from France arrived “with 40 tons of medical equipment” and a third “is in operation”. It is enough to “set up a small maternity ward” and “carry out surgical procedures,” according to France Televisions’ special correspondent. in place.

France to help Libya A field hospital is being set up about sixty kilometers from Terna in Libya, where French equipment and personnel have been sent, the Special Envoy of France Televisions, Ben Barnier, testified on Friday September 15.

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It was in this city in the east of the country that thousands of lives were lost in the floods caused by Storm Daniel. LAccess to the disaster area is very difficult after the destruction of roads and bridges in Terna area. “Two planes arrived from France” with “40 tons of medical equipment”And third “in progress”. what “Set up a small maternity ward” And “Perform Surgeries”. “About fifty firemen” Also came from France.

A little earlier in the morning, Tamer Ramadan, one of the heads of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Cross Societies, he promised. “DWe hope to find more people Alive”, declines to give an estimate. But, according to Terna Meyer, the storm may have killed 20,000 people.