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LIBERATION – A 14-year-old student stabbed five people at a school in Andalusia

LIBERATION – A 14-year-old student stabbed five people at a school in Andalusia

At a school in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, a 14-year-old student armed with two knives stabbed three teachers and two students on Thursday, September 28.

A 14-year-old Spanish student armed with two kitchen knives appeared this Thursday, September 28, in the classroom of the Elena García Armada Public High School in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia. He assaulted other students and teachers shortly after classes began.

“Police found the suspect on the third floor, who was in possession of two knives that he used to attack three teachers and two students.” Adrian Dominguez said the suspect was arrested and taken to the police station. This spokesperson could not provide details on the extent of the injuries. But according to Spanish media, one teacher is in critical condition after being hit in the eye, while the other victims suffered minor injuries.

“He was always alone”

According to the Spanish National Police, the warning was given minutes after classes started. Only one 14-year-old student studying in the said school has been attacked. According to published evidence Spanish daily El Pies, “The assailant allegedly entered the classroom at around 8:20am, sat at her desk and took two kitchen knives from her bag. He then attacked one of his fellow students from behind and stabbed him with both knives while shouting “I will kill you”. A biology teacher who was teaching a morning class suffered an eyelash injury when he tried to intervene. Always step El PiesThe assailant then proceeded to another classroom, leading to a stampede during which another teacher was injured.

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“I didn’t know him very well because it was the first time I was with him in class, but he was always alone” A student of the institution underlinedEl PiesAdd that “Many of his classmates teased him constantly.” The school, which is now under control, has been evacuated and classes have been suspended for the day. Victims suffer injuries “more or less intense” and are currently hospitalized.