February 27, 2024

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Thailand reduces isolation for vaccinated tourists

2:51 pm: Thailand eases isolation for vaccinated tourists

From October 1, vaccinated tourists will have to satisfy seven days of isolation to stay in Thailand. Officials announced the relief on Monday in an effort to blow up its tourism industry. Until then, visitors had to stay in a country for fifteen days in the grip of a third wave of epidemics.

Those who have not been vaccinated should be isolated for 10 days if arriving by air and 14 days if not on land.

1:54 pm: US economy threatened by delta variation

Economists are clearly less optimistic than in May of this year, believing that the delta variance poses a serious risk to the world’s largest economy, according to a recent survey by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE).

1:02 pm: At Paris Fashion Week, the public must wear a mask and present their health pass.

Fashion week begins in Paris this Monday, with most large houses returning to the parade after the brackets of digital presentations due to the epidemic. Unlike in London where guests take off their masks, fashion artists have to wear one in Paris. They should also be given their health pass.

4.7 million

Since the end of December 2019 the epidemic has killed at least 4,744,890 worldwide. The United States was the worst-hit country with 688,033 deaths, followed by Brazil (594,443), India (447,194), Mexico (275,450) and Russia (204,679). The WHO estimates that the outcome of the epidemic may be two to three times higher, taking into account the high mortality directly and indirectly associated with Covit-19.

11:31 a.m .: Negative test for Bolzano

Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro tested negative for Covit-19 on Sunday, after returning from the UN General Assembly in New York where three cases were registered and a fourth case was later announced.

The government has not said whether the head of state, who is being held in solitary confinement after returning from New York on Wednesday, will resume his operations on Monday or be tested a second time earlier. Jair Bolzano, who has not been vaccinated against Covit-19, has been seen several times without a mask while staying in New York.

9:53 am: The epidemic continues in New Caledonia

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The epidemic continues to spread in New Caledonia, killing about ten people a day in this French Pacific area, and the concentration of hospitals has received the reinforcement of a hundred caregivers this weekend. The French archipelago in the South Pacific, which has not had a cove for more than 18 months, is facing a corona virus outbreak due to the highly contagious delta variation since September 6th. According to the latest figures released by the local government on Monday, 31 people have died in the past three days, bringing the total number of people not vaccinated to 93.

9:06 am: Sydney releases ‘Plan for Freedom’, thanks to drop of lawsuits

Vaccinated residents in Sydney will finally be out of lock-up for more than three months in mid-October, with officials releasing a “plan for independence” on Monday as the number of cases in the city dwindles. The need to stay at home in Sydney and the state of New South Wales should be eliminated when the full vaccination rate exceeds 70%. State Prime Minister Gladys Perezklian expects to reach it on October 11.

7:23 am: Govt tests will be refunded to vaccinated adults and minors without a prescription

Jean Castex confirmed on Sunday that free “comfort” screening trials would end on October 15, while for medical reasons, those who have been vaccinated will continue to be reimbursed without the need for a prescription. In an interview with Echo.

“But for medical reasons, the tests will be refunded to those who have already been vaccinated, or without medication for others. And we want to keep it free for minors,” he adds.

7:20 am: Nicaragua and Bolivia receive vaccines from Kovacs

Spain delivered nearly half a million doses of the Astrogenega vaccine to Nicaragua on Sunday through the Kovacs mechanism, which helps tackle the new contamination. “With this 499,200 dose, the total dose provided by Spain reaches 1,130,020 dose,” the European embassy told reporters.

Bolivia received 188,370 doses of Pfizer vaccine from the United States on Sunday, via Kovacs, the Bolivian Ministry of Health announced on Twitter. The international Kovacs mechanism will enable 92 disadvantaged states and territories to receive free vaccines funded by highly developed countries.

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6:25 am: Table Catering loses two-thirds of its turnover at the end of July, compared to 2019

According to a study by the NPD Group, the commercial catering market in France was “significantly” affected by the health crisis, experienced “ups and downs” activity and its revenue almost halved in the first seven months of the year. From January to July, Covid reported a 45% decline in turnover and a 39% drop in attendance compared to pre-19 activity, indicating a market research expert at one point in the sector’s activity, which represented 57 57 billion in 2019. In France.

6:22 a.m .: The number of cases in Syria is rising

The Syrian Ministry of Health has begun transferring Govt-19 patients to other provinces in Damascus and Latakia, in the wake of the overcrowding of hospitals and pollution rates. Syria has identified 32,580 cases of Govt-19 since the outbreak, of which 2,198 were dangerous, but since mid-August, the war-torn country has experienced a rapid increase in the number of contaminants, rising from less than 50 to more than 300 cases per day, according to official figures.

Photo by Omar HAJ KADOUR / AFP

6:15 a.m .: In Austria, an anti-vaccine party enters a referendum

A new political party opposing the Corona virus controls was surprised by a breakthrough in regional elections in Austria and, according to preliminary results, will sit in parliament with more than 6% of the vote. Created last February in response to the decision to control pollution, the “Mensen Freehead Crucifixion” (MFG – Human Rights, Freedom, Fundamental Rights) campaigned mainly on social networks in upper Austria (northern).

5:50 a.m .: The biggest cost of the epidemic for the state

The cost of the Govt between 2020 and 2021 will be between 170 and 200 billion euros, with exceptional spending and loss of revenue, Public Accounts Minister Olivier Dusop said on Sunday. In detail, he said the epidemic would cost more than 70 70 billion in exceptional spending in 2020 and more than 70 70 billion in 2021. “This is a loss of revenue because economic activity has stalled,” he added, with a deficit of billions of euros. “We estimate the coveted debt to be around 16 165 billion. But above all, this translates into a deficit of more than 9% in 2020 and 8.4% in 2021.” “If there is no health accident in 2022, we will reduce the deficit from less than 9% in 2020 to less than 5%, which is a step towards normalization,” the minister said.

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Photo AFP

Update the search for treatments against Govit-19

Hidden by the vaccine in recent months, the search for treatment against Govt-19 continues, but at a slow pace. While the effectiveness of some drugs has been approved, others are still in the testing phase, with some finally placed on the back of the drug cabinet. Find our article.

Visakhapatnam chart

5:47 am: Very small increase in the number of patients in hospitals

Covit-19’s key health indicators were widely stable on Sunday, according to data from the Public Health France. The number of patients admitted to the hospital reached 7,994, a very small increase compared to the previous day, but less than a week earlier (8,887) and about 11,000 patients were counted in early September.

In detail, critical care services reserved for the most severe cases welcomed 1,577 patients on Sunday (6 more than the previous day), 1,832 a week earlier and nearly 2,300 in early September.

What to remember from Sunday

  • President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday promised that France would give 120 million doses of the vaccine to poor countries, more than double what it had previously planned.
  • For the first time since March 2020, Paraguay has not recorded deaths from Covit-19 on Saturday, Health Minister Julio Porta announced on Sunday.
  • The Syrian Ministry of Health has begun transferring Covit-19 patients from Damascus and Latakia to other provinces of the country, in the wake of the overcrowding of hospitals and pollution rates.
  • The corona virus infection has killed at least 4,740,525 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report taken from official sources at GMT at 10am on Sunday.

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