July 4, 2022

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The government is calling on the military to be ready

The Ministry of Energy said in the evening that “an intervention would be considered” if necessary to “stabilize fuel supply”.

The UK on Monday called for its military to be ready to help A weekend in the UK rushing to petrol stations, the country is currently in a fuel crisis, Leave to dry a lot. “A small number of military tanker drivers should be prepared to intervene if needed to ensure fuel supply,” the energy ministry said in a statement issued in the evening.

The petrol shortage in the UK worsened on Monday, under the influence of “panic-buying” from more concerned motorists. “I should have made five different gas stations” and “my tank is almost dry,” said driver Lisa Wood, who waited for more than an hour at a gas station near the famed London Bridge in central London.

Dry pumps

Across the country, signs of “no more petrol” or “out of service” are on the rise near gas pumps, including about 30% of giant PP stations affected by fuel shortages. While medical institutions raise the alarm about the difficulties of those who travel to see their patients, some schools are thinking about switching back to distance education if the problem persists.

According to the PRA, one of the Fuel Distributors’ Associations, up to two-thirds of its members (5,500 independent bases out of a total of 8,000 stations in the country) were without fuel on Sunday, while “others are almost dry.” But the association says it expects “normalization of demand and stock normalization in the coming days”. On Monday, department representatives again wanted to reassure that “British refineries are full of fuel.”

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Lack of drivers

The crisis erupted in the middle of last week after a secret report was leaked to the government from the PP, describing the closure of a few dozen gas stations due to fuel shortages, as a representative of the PA lamented. Panic purchases immediately began across the country and most gas stations are now affected.

Lack of petrol or diesel Initially due to the lack of truck drivers to carry from the storage terminals to the pumps. This problem also affects the shelves of supermarkets, fast food restaurants, taverns, bicycle vendors, etc., causing delays in delivery and shortage of certain items.

The shortage of truck drivers has been going on for months. The locks prompted some European drivers to return to their country, and tens of thousands others were unable to obtain their heavy truck licenses as they had closed their heavy truck licenses for months. Brexit also complicates the migration practices that European workers previously circulated freely.