June 5, 2023

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According to the US, 20,000 Russian fighters have been killed in Ukraine since December

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9:17 p.m : good evening @Vladimir Ilyich. In fact, the Russian city of Leningrad was renamed St. Petersburg a long time ago. But Leningrad Oblast (mentioned the previous evening in this live) is still there!

9:16 p.m : France informs the city of Leningrad. Was St. Petersburg renamed by Putin? Or have I taken a trip down memory lane?

8:50 p.m : “Since December, we estimate that more than 100,000 combatants in Russia have been killed or wounded, including 20,000 combat deaths.” A White House National Security Council spokesman said. At a press conference, John Kirby said that half of the dead belonged to the Russian private military group Wagner and were mostly ex-prisoners. “Put into battle at Bagmouth without adequate training or military command.”

8:28 p.m : A “Explosive Device” A freight train derailed and caught fire in the Russian region of Bryansk on the border with Ukraine. A high-voltage line was also damaged by an explosive device in the Leningrad region (north-west) in full fear of sabotage activities and attacks in Russia.

4:27 p.m : The Ukrainian Judo Federation will boycott the next World Championships to be organized in Qatar from Saturday. He protested against the presence of Russian and Belarusian judokas, recognized by the International Judo Federation on the condition that they compete under a neutral banner.

12:17 p.m At least 34 people, including five children, were injured after a Russian missile hit the town of Pavlohrad near Dnipro, local authorities reported. Ukraine’s military chief of staff, Valery Salushny, says 15 of the 18 cruise missiles fired by Russia last night were destroyed.

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11:59 : A “Explosive Device” A freight train derailed in a Russian region near Ukraine, causing no casualties, a local official said.

09:18 : A race against time has begun in areas liberated by the military in Ukraine. The entire area between Izium and Karkiv is covered with mines and unexploded bombs. Farmers can clean and sow the field themselves.

(Mathilde Dehimy/Radio France)

08:51 : Russian shelling near Kherson in southern Ukraine killed one person and wounded three others last night. Another missile attack wounded at least 25 people, including three children, in Dnipropetrovsk in the east.

08:53 : Residents dressed up and stuffed their animals yesterday evening outside a residential building in Oman where a Russian strike killed 23 people. A 3-year-old child is also among the victims.

(Zenia Savilov/AFP)

07:29 : Residents in Kew were woken by warning sirens this morning. According to officials, the Russian missile attacks were repulsed at dawn by anti-aircraft defenses without causing any damage. Fifteen missiles were shot down.