December 9, 2023

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After the Senate vote, the “shutdown” was averted within three hours

After the Senate vote, the “shutdown” was averted within three hours

The White House can breathe a huge sigh of relief. The America Three hours before the “shutdown” was to be called, the Senate avoided a last-minute shutdown of their federal executive by passing an emergency measure that would allow its funding to continue temporarily.

In a last-minute twist, the House of Representatives first passed this speech, proposed by the Republican leader of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, a last-ditch effort to avoid paralysis. Passed by 335 votes to 91 in the House, then approved by senators 88 to 9, the bill avoided a last-minute “shutdown” that would have put government workers on technical unemployment and cut food aid to some beneficiaries.

Biden pushes for aid to Ukraine

Joe Biden It immediately welcomed the agreement reached in the Senate and called on Congress to quickly approve aid to Ukraine. A standoff between Democrats and many Republicans, it’s largely absent from the text for now.

An emergency measure passed by Congress provides the administration with continued funding for forty-five days. If it hadn’t been adopted before midnight, the world’s biggest economy would have slowed down this Sunday: 1.5 million civil servants would have lost wages and air traffic would have been disrupted, while visitors to national parks would have found their doors closed.

Lawmakers are now expected to consider a separate bill for $24 billion in military and humanitarian aid.Ukraine, which Joe Biden wanted to see included in the budget. A vote could be held as early as next week, according to US media.

McCarthy under pressure from Trump supporters

“What Russia It was wrong. But whatever we do, I think we have to define what success is and what the plan should be,” McCarthy told reporters. “I think there’s a real frustration across America that this president is ignoring America’s borders and cares more about another place,” the Republican said, referring to what he called the “immigrant crisis in America.”

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A few Trumpist Republican elected officials are refusing to provide any new aid to Kyiv, believing these funds should be earmarked for managing the migration crisis. These lieutenants of Donald Trump, due to the slim Republican majority in the House, were ordered by the former president to “cripple the federal government”, which could face Joe Biden in 2024. All” budget issues are under discussion. Kevin McCarthy, elected at the cost of many negotiations with the Trumpists, risks his place in these negotiations.