November 29, 2023

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A total of over a hundred French people were evacuated from Gaza

A total of over a hundred French people were evacuated from Gaza

MSF describes a “catastrophic humanitarian situation” in Gaza and calls for a ceasefire

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has called for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. MSF described a “Disastrous humanitarian situation” In the affected area “Total War”According to organization director Claire Magone. “The population is bloodless and the saviors are practically powerless. Faced with carnage, a cease-fire is a critical emergency.”He made the announcement during a press conference at the organization’s headquarters in Paris. “Today, false signs of humanity and delays debate”She condemns, provokes “Tactical Breakdowns” A humanitarian reprieve was discussed between Israel and Washington.

MSF, which has about 300 Palestinian staff, managed to evacuate 22 of its foreign members a few days ago, but hopes to bring in a new team very quickly. “The situation in Gaza is unacceptable from the start, no place is safe, it is a total war, an inescapable tragedy”, said Louise Baudoin-Larman, MSF communications manager for Palestine, one of the evacuees. He mentioned “Bombs Are Falling Everywhere”Tens of thousands of displaced people are crammed together in appalling conditions at an overcrowded U.N. “To Khan Yunus [sud de la bande de Gaza]About 45,000 people, eight latrines, two hours of water every twelve hours”he said.

With him, Michel-Olivier Lacharité, head of MSF’s emergency program, spoke about the enrichment of the health system. “There are 3,500 beds in the Gaza Strip, including 2,000 in the north, and the number of injured is 25,000,” Gaza officials said.he said. “Hospitals were traditionally places of refuge in Gaza, no longer like that, no safe places”He continued. “Only a ceasefire will enable relief to be organized and a humanitarian response to be implemented”He stressed that about 500 aid trucks entered Gaza through the Egyptian border in a month, usually a daily number.

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