June 3, 2023

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Joe Biden agreed to fighter jets


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France 3
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While he had previously refused to provide fighter jets to Ukraine, his stance seems to have changed.

F16 fighters were first on Volodymyr Zelensky’s wish list. These ultra-modern fighters, the most widely used in the world, are more efficient than some of the Ukrainian military’s aircraft. After months of hesitation, the US finally gave the green light. “We will work with our partners to determine when the flights will be delivered, who will deliver them and how much.”, US National Security Adviser details. The announcement comes as the Ukrainians say they are preparing a major counteroffensive.

“Ukrainians are 20-30 years ahead in terms of weapons”

The Ukrainians believe that the US-made F16s, which are more versatile, will make the difference. “We’re talking about bombers, anti-aircraft fighters, destroying radar and blinding Russian anti-aircraft defenses, so it’s really a multi-capable device. It’s a technology gap. The Ukrainians are basically 20-30 years ahead of the weapon.”A J explainsAir and Cosmos Journalist. The US does not supply these devices directly, but rather to the Netherlands, Denmark or Poland. It is necessary to wait for the training of the pilots in order for these instruments to work.

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