May 25, 2022

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Transnistria separatist shooting near Russian ammunition depot in Moldovan

6:55 am: Putin still hopes for a “positive outcome” in the talks

Antonio Guterres met with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin on Tuesday. On this occasion, the Russian President told the President of the United Nations that he still believed in the positive outcome of the talks with Ukraine. Despite the fighting, “negotiations continue (…) I hope we will reach a positive conclusion”, declared the Kremlin master.

He also confirmed that the talks between Moscow and Q in Istanbul at the end of March had led to serious progress because our Ukrainian counterparts did not link Ukraine’s security needs for international security with some understanding of Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders. .

During these talks, kyiv proposed an international agreement establishing countries that would guarantee its security. Alternatively, Ukraine accepts a “non-nuclear” and neutral position, refuses to join NATO, recognizes foreign military bases on its border, and excludes annexed Crimea and separatist territories from talks on Donbass for some time. After these talks, Moscow withdrew its troops to northern Ukraine.

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