June 3, 2023

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Volodymyr Zelensky announces that Europe Day will be celebrated every year on May 9 with EU countries

kyiv is trying to moderate the confidence of its allies regarding its counter-offensive

Recapture the Zaporizhia nuclear power station, the Kharkov hydroelectric power station, rush to Melitopol, break the land bridge connecting Crimea with Russia, attack the Crimea, attack east of Kubiansk, attack Bakhmaut, recapture Solader, attack on the Dnieper in the Kherson region …

It has yet to launch, but already Ukrainian officials are warning that their counteroffensive will not be what observers expect. “Counter-attack expectations are overrated in the world”Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov explains The Washington Post. “Most people expect … something big.”It leads to a “Emotional Disappointment”. For his part, President Zelensky says: “I believe that the more victories we have on the battlefield, the more people will trust us, which will allow us to get more help”.

The American journal stretches over hundreds of kilometers, recalling that the Russians have prepared fortifications. “But I can’t say how big the victory will be. Ten kilometers, 30 kilometers, 100 kilometers, 200 kilometers”Oleksii Reznikov is angry.

Ukraine is ready to attack “Once the weapons promised by our allies are delivered”, Mr. Zelensky adds. The timing of the counterattack also depends on the weather, as the country’s front line is unusually wet.

According to Wall Street Journal, “Some U.S. and European officials believe that Ukraine’s planned spring offensive could pave the way for talks between Kiev and Moscow by the end of the year, and that China could help bring Russia to the negotiating table.”. This approach creates the belief that neither side can continue fighting indefinitely.

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