December 1, 2023

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Why is one of the vaccinated countries today one of the worst infection rates in the world?

Israel, which was exemplified by its excellent vaccination campaign a few months ago, is now experiencing a dazzling fourth wave that is apparently filling its hospitals. Here, as elsewhere, Delta has modified variation cards.

Last January, the whole world looked at Israel with envy as Europe eagerly awaited its vaccine levels. ” Within a month, 2.25 million people will be vaccinated. We can leave Corona virus, Reopen the economy and do things that no other country in the world can do », Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke proudly December 27. As of January 31, 36% of the population had already received a single dose of the vaccine, compared to 2.5% in France. On March 7, Pictures Bars And the packed restaurants in Tel Aviv came from all over the world.

What is happening in Israel is a very clear warning to the rest of the world

Today TheEcstasy Gave way to anxiety. In the last two weeks, the country has registered 10,402 new cases per 100,000 population, viz. The fourth highest infection rate in the world Behind Georgia, Dominica and Cuba are the smaller countries where vaccination is less advanced. This represents a 600% increase compared to July. Even more worrying: the death toll is experiencing a high-velocity curve, with 23 deaths recorded on August 22, against zero in July. Never seen after February. Restrictions and measurements were re-established last week, and the government is now considering further restraint. ” This is a very clear warning sign to the rest of the world, Ron warns the police, Director of Innovation Gladiator Health Services (CHS), Israel’s largest healthcare system. If it happens here, it could happen anywhere else. “

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A vaccine campaign that has run out of steam

I have to say that after the cheering started, the vaccine campaign has evaporated. The vaccination rate is estimated at 62.9% (people of both doses), higher than in France (54.4%) and 80% or 90% of the population below the threshold for collective immunity. But this does not explain everything. In fact, more than half (59%) of those hospitalized for intensive care are fully vaccinated. Like other places here Contrasting delta The cards are fully folded. ⁇ Israel’s lesson is that vaccines work But not well », Summarizes Yuri Shalit, a biomedical expert at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).

The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine has been called into question

In fact, the protection provided by vaccines against Govt seems to be Pass through very quickly. According to an initial study published on July 31st Server MedRxivThose vaccinated in January have a 2.26 times higher risk of infection than those vaccinated in April. Another study from the University of Oxford suggests it The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine is declining faster than that of astrogenogen For the delta category, 12 points less in three months. Another study is in progress Just 42% efficiency The Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine with this variant is 76% against the modern vaccine. All Israelis have been vaccinated against the Pfizer vaccine.

Can a third dose be saved for the day?

The country is now considering Third dose The fourth opposite Ambiguous. The Israeli Ministry of Health announced on July 29 that anyone over the age of 60 and those who had been vaccinated six months earlier could receive the third dose of the vaccine, which can be extended to those 40 years of age and older. As of August 20, more than a million Israelis have already received the third dose, according to the Ministry of Health. One strategy that may be useful at this time is: Preliminary results This indicates that those who are vaccinated with three doses are 86% less likely to be infected than those who receive two doses, and that the risk of being in the severe form is 92% lower. But for how long?

However, the Israeli data should be viewed with caution. In fact, the first people to be vaccinated are older and much weaker, which can explain why their immunity is declining so quickly and that they are now filling emergency services. While the vaccine may not prevent new waves from occurring, they should be less dramatic than before. In France, we notice A decoration Between the curve of new cases and hospitalization.

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