March 30, 2023

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Boris Johnson gets a big room from his party


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The British Prime Minister was rejected by 98 of his own MPs, who voted against his proposal to introduce the Health Pass to large gatherings. Thanks to the votes of the Labor MPs … he won by a vote. The warning was harsh and Boris Johnson’s condition was severely weakened.

“Get a grip on yourself, change your attitude or it’s the door.” The Conservative MPs sent a message to their Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday night that 98 out of 365 Tory delegates had voted against the new health restrictions. Widespread infections of omigran strain To Govt.

The uprising was large, and rarely, ever, seen against a prime minister celebrating the second anniversary of a successful election that won a majority of 80 seats. A significant number of conservative representatives also oppose the compulsory vaccination of health workers. Two steps, as well as wearing a mandatory mask at home, With the exception of pubs and restaurants, the decision on the need for isolation for double-vaccinated contact cases against daily antigen testing, however, was accepted by Labor votes. உழவு …

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