October 2, 2023

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Oliver Sarva wins 1st round

Oliver Sarva wins 1st round

Voters in the 1st constituency have re-elected Olivier Sarva to represent them in the National Assembly. The re-elected vice-president has already made good progress in the first round of the legislative elections held last Saturday. In this second ballot, he received a total of 74.04% of the vote, against which 25.96% of the vote went to Dominic Byros.

30.31% out of 75 The 930 voters who registered in the first constituency of Guadeloupe, this Saturday, June 18, 2022, in the second round of the 2022 Assembly elections, largely believed in Oliver Sarva.

Therefore, voters in the municipalities of Morne-a-L’Eve, Les Abims, Point-a-Pitre, Saint-Louis, Grant-Bork and Capsterre de Marie-Calande, at the end of these, should continue. Assembly 2022; Oliver Sarva, however, was elected by 74.04% of the electorate, i.e. 15 624 votes were cast in his favor.
Eric Jalton’s supporter Dominic Byras received 5,478 votes, or 25.96% of the registered vote.

Here are the results of the first volume, in detail:

2nd round final results of the 2022 Assembly in the 1st constituency of Guadeloupe.

© Guadeloupe Province

In Eddie Colophon’s microphone, while one admires his success, the other thinks he’s not a loser:

By browsing the map below, you can see the final results of the municipality and, if you wish, review the results of the 2017 Assembly elections.

Twelve political figures applied for the post of vice-president on June 11 last week.
The advantage is gone to the experienced.
Olivier Serva received 7,766 votes (43.44%), while his opponent Dominic Byras received the support of 2,685 voters (15.02%).
The latter said he was satisfied with the score he got in his first election last week.

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The registrants of the four municipalities in this first constituency were among those who voted the least in the first round. In fact, the least obligated municipalities are Grand-Bourg (19%), Morne-à-l’Eau (21%), Capesterre de Marie-Galante (21%) and Saint-Louis (22%).

In the end, two Abims qualified.
Moreover, mobilization was strong in Abymes (28%) and Pointe–Pitre (26%).
A contribution “ Strong “Of course, in these two cities, the sectoral average (25.31%) is higher, but it is much lower and lower than the one recorded in 2017 (26.91%).

The full results of the 1st round 1 constituency of the 2022 Assembly elections are discussed below: