July 22, 2024

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Direct Govt-19: Japan considers new restrictions

Direct Govt-19: Japan considers new restrictions

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10:35 am Hamsters are not massacred in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government is facing a backlash against its decision to kill hundreds of small pets after hamsters tested positive for Govit-19 at a pet store. The activity is about 2000 hamsters and other small mammals (chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs). An online petition received more than 23,000 signatures in a single day and the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) condemned the government’s decision. Some residents are concerned about the fate of dogs or cats if Govt-19 infections are reported in this species. One user pushes back the response: “Are they going to kill all the patients and their relatives affected by Govt-19? ⁇

10:20 am Worldwide demand for pre-epidemic oil. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that by 2022 global demand will reach 99.7 million barrels of oil. This is consistent with pre-infectious conditions. “The number of Govt-19 cases worldwide is exploding, but the measures taken by governments to control the virus are less severe than previous waves,” the IEA said. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a balance between supply and demand, which could lead to “a new year volatility” in markets.

10:10 am Maximum in Russia from November. In Russia, too, pollution is on the rise. In 24 hours, 33,889 cases were registered, most notably the Toss Company, which peaked on November 27, 2021.

10 hours. Record pollution in the Czech Republic. Countries other than France or Germany are currently experiencing reports of Govt-19 infection. The Czech Republic in its last assessment listed a total of 28,469 new pollutants in 24 hours. 80% of them are caused by the Omigron variant.

9:50 am High inflation in the UK. Like France, prices are rising across the channel, but at a higher rate. Inflation in the United Kingdom has risen sharply in recent months, reaching 5.4% in almost thirty years in December, especially due to food and clothing prices at Christmas. Food and energy prices have largely contributed to tariff hikes, while goods and wages have encouraged companies to increase selling prices.

9:30 a.m. Airbus hires 6,000 people. Airbus will hire about 6,000 people in the first half of 2022. The European aircraft manufacturer will reevaluate its requirements later that year in support of increasing its production after the Covit-19 crisis. These recruitments, which take place worldwide, are all about action. The number of team employees will drop from 135,000 at the end of 2019 to 126,000 on September 30, 2021.

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9:10 am Worry about debt. The Governor of Banque de France, François Villeroy de Galhau, has issued a warning about the size of the French debt, which has risen sharply since the outbreak began. “The debt situation should make us anxious (…) we are 115% of GDP today”, he estimates, “too high”. franceinfo. Additional spending or tax cuts will make the situation worse, he said. “The Whatever No longer justified. In addition, he guarantees that Bank de France will “do what is necessary to bring inflation back to 2% over time.”

8:50 am A shock at the refund. Bruno Le Myre confirmed the deal with Bank de France which is about the most troubled companies, which can “prove that they are making efforts to recover”. “What was already going bad will not be bad,” the minister added.

8:45 am Clarity about help. New aids Announced Tuesday Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre noted that the revenues of companies in the hotel, cafe and restaurant sectors were related to “December and January”. BFMTV And RMC. “If you lose only a small portion of your turnover, 30%, you will be paid up to 20%.”

8:20 am “We need to fix the protocol”. Minister of Change and Public Service Amelie de Montzalin, announced, In Europe 1, About ethical changes in the school that “need to be adjusted” according to the evolution of the epidemic. “Since the beginning of this crisis, the President has always said We may not be right, but trust us to fix the situation. I mean, yes, the protocols have been adjusted. ⁇

8:15 a.m. Test flight in Sydney. Someone stole 42,000 Rapid antigen tests from a warehouse in Sydney. It is an increasingly rare substance in Australia. According to the Australian Consumer Watchdog, these tests cost about 22 Australian dollars, about 20 euros each.

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8 hours. Reduces WestJet flights. Canadian airline WestJet says one in five aircraft in its fleet will land in February. The chairman and CEO say the decision was made because of Omicron’s impact on the company’s employees and “persistent barriers” to international travel. The company has already reduced its flights by 15% in January.

7:50 am Diprogramming of operations can be costly for the company. Surgeon Laurent Laundry rang the alarm. While he is already obligated to “sort”, he worries about the long-term consequences of diprogramming of operations. “We’re not doing deprogramming anymore. We’re not programming anymore!” If we are not functioning, the main reason is staff shortage. This is the reality Do not bother me More than not being vaccinated. The virus only exacerbates a situation that has settled in our hospitals for 25 years. We will pay all the delays we accumulate, both humanely and financially, in five to ten years. His full interview Read here.

7:35 am A simple blood test is difficult. Faced with the arrival of people who want to get tested in the lab, doing a simple blood test can be very complicated. Those pursued for chronic treatment and those who need to be analyzed once are concerned. Biological processes are down 20% this month. Fran இதுois Blanchegode, head of the Syndicate of Biologists, believes that if it’s due to diprogramming in hospitals, “we should not weigh it with people who simply give up.” “The struggle to get a blood test is too much. We tell ourselves Do not consider Hope there are no consequences. “Additional information In our article.

7:20 am Pollution recorded in Germany. Germany has identified more than 100,000 new infections in 24 hours. 112,323 additional cases and 239 deaths have been calculated. The weekly incidence rate is 584.4 infections per 100,000 people. Faced with an increase in pollution, the country has restricted access to bars and restaurants for those who have received the third dose vaccine or for those who present a negative test in addition to the vaccine or recovery certificate.

7:10 am There are new restrictions in Japan. Japan is set to re-impose restrictions in most parts of the country, including the capital Tokyo, to deal with the number of infections reported by the Omigron variant. Each department will be free to choose the restrictions they want to introduce, between reducing the opening hours of bars and restaurants and restricting liquor sales. Japan has been relatively untouched by the epidemic, with 18,400 deaths since the beginning of 2020. This, unlike many countries, avoided strict control measures.

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7 hours. In China the deregulation was partially lifted. Public transportation in Xi’an resumed almost a month after it had begun somewhatSevere imprisonment In the Chinese metropolis affected by an epidemic. 13 million people were banned from leaving their homes and the city was isolated. For the first time in several weeks, no new local case of Govt-19 was filed today in the former imperial capital.

6:50 am Hundreds more millions of dollars to fight the epidemic. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and British charity Wellcome announced on Tuesday that they would each invest an additional $ 150 million (மில்லியன் 130 million or a total of 0 260 million) in the fight against Govt-19 and the prevention of future epidemics. The funds will go to the Coalition for Epidemiological Prevention (CEPI). Kovacs Distribution of vaccines to poor countries.

6:40 a.m. Decline in critical care combinations. In line with the number of polluters, the number of people admitted to intensive care each day dropped by 14% in a week to less than 300.

6h30. Pollution records. The daily number of covid-19 pollutants has averaged more than 300,000 in the past seven days, according to figures released by the Public Health France.

6:20 am Diprogrammed activities. A large number of surgeries have been reduced everywhere in France due to the need to prioritize those with severe forms of Covid-19 and the shortage of health workers. Behind the scenes, there is the problem of losing the opportunity of these co-victims due to the health crisis. Read our article.

6h10. Hello everyone. Welcome to this dedicated live Govit-19 Its effects in France and other parts of the world.